Meet the owner

” My name is Thomas. I'm a professional carpenter with a passion for residential remodeling. I have been working as a remodeling carpenter since 1997. In 2018 I started my remodeling company in NJ. I then made the move to this wonderful free state of Florida in May 2022 and re-opened my business here. ”

The army of 1

I personally see to it that every aspect of this business is done solely myself. I conduct all of the physical work as well as all of the business aspect of the trade. I conduct all of the estimates, go over all of the collaborated designing with each client, do all of the design software drawings and 3d animations, coordinate with building and construction services before each job to make sure if any permits are required and I answer all phone calls, emails and texts. And I do promptly reply to all phone calls, emails and texts. This requires a lot of extra work on my behalf but it is important to me that you get the highest quality of workmanship and customer service. With a small company, you get absolute accountability. I will be there with every aspect of the job to always keep open communication throughout the entire scope of the work.